2016 Task 3A Intro Programming

I’ve just uploaded a video showing some hints and tips on how to program Task 3A for 2016-17 if you’ve chosen “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris – watch on YouTube.

In the video, there is a quick intro to using phase reverse and stereo flip to listen to panned elements on their own, followed by some programming tips on the elements in the track – the percussion parts (all programmed using shortcircuit and freely-available samples), the bass part (again, programmed with free synths and effects), and the synth part, plus some coverage of the EQ settings I’ve used as a starting point for this section.  You’ll need to listen carefully to the original and make changes as you work to get yours sounding more like the original.


There will be more to follow with the rest of the song, but this should give you something to be getting on with.