GlitchMost of the effects that you can download can be easily and quickly categorised, such as delay, reverb, distortion. But occasionally you get an effect which makes use of a number of other effects in an innovative manner. Glitch is such an effect. It’s more than just an effect, it’s a collection of nine different processes, which are combined with its own pattern-based sequencer. This could be a recipe for a difficult experience, but due to excellent user interface design, the plugin is easy to use and offers instant gratification as its default setting is well chosen to showpiece its abilities.
Glitch is a free plugin, and can be downloaded and installed on Windows-based VST systems only (sorry, Mac people!), and one inserted on an audio channel (whether an audio track or the audio section of a VST Instrument or Instrument track), it becomes immediately apparent how useful it can be – the plugins inside create effects which can take some time to create from rendered audio, such as stuttering and a tape-stop effect.
The in-built sequencer makes it easy to pick specific effects for a given part of a bar or group of bars, as well as providing a very easy way to bypass the effect (by setting a section to black), and offers 16 patterns as well as MIDI control and the ability to randomise steps, effects or both with a single button press. On top of that each effect can be edited and automated so overall it really is a fantastic addition to anyone’s toolbox who wants to create ‘tech’-sounding music. Strongly recommended!