TAL FilterA number of modern (well, post-1985!) styles of music make use of low-pass filtering – it has become a de rigeur treatment whenever a sample is being played, and automation of that filtering is almost compulsory; so many tracks have made use of it that it’s difficult to imagine not doing so at some point. However, an issue is the filter to use – while it is possible to use a channel EQ’s low pass filter to do it, it’s not always the best way to do it, and some do not offer the controls many need, particularly resonance.
Enter the TAL Filter, a free filter from TAL, who produce a number of excellent free plugins. The TAL Filter is simple and excellent, offering total control over the most important parameters of cutoff and resonance as well as a number of others. It also offers different filter modes with High Pass being useful for many dance-music based production tweaks, as well as MIDI and envelope control.