Cubase 9.5 version of Complete Guide back in print!

About a year ago, the publisher I was using – – decided to remove a large number of print options, including the book sizes I used.  As a result, older versions of the Complete Guide to Music Technology (which were not already being sold on were no longer available – despite lulu using amazon for fulfilment!

Updating the book for amazon can be a tricky process – as they use different inner margins to lulu, this means reformatting the whole book, but I have had a number of requests for a version of the book that is pre Cubase 10 (with the large number of interface changes that brought), so I’ve spent some time making a version available.  As a best compromise, this is the Cubase 9.5 version, which is available on Amazon.

It is the same content as the previous version – so please don’t buy it if you already have the version that was previously available!  It’s only been made available for those who don’t have a copy who would like one.