Getting Started with Dorico 3.5

Getting Started with Dorico 3.5 provides a step-by-step guide to learning Steinberg’s revolutionary scoring program – ideal for complete beginners and those who want to get to know the program’s most useful features quickly.  It does this by providing a tour of Dorico’s interface and most-important features in its five working modes, and then takes a more in-depth look at percussion and fretted instrument functions and features.

The knowledge gained is then cemented with two projects containing step-by-step instructions to build upon the knowledge already gained and learn some new features along the way.

With the skills and knowledge gained by following the book, the reader should be able to produce a wide range of scores, and in addition have the confidence to explore Dorico’s comprehensive range of options for whichever niche of scoring they wish to inhabit.

“I was extremely impressed by the clarity and detail on offer in this book, and I feel certain that using this, in conjunction with the Steinberg videos, would very quickly bring anyone up to speed in operating the main functions of Dorico 3.5. Thoroughly recommended” – Tony Cliff, Music Teacher Magazine, October 2020

A sample of the first pages of the book is available here

The book is available for £13.95 from, and from for those in the USA (at the moment it is not appearing in search results on, but is on .uk and other local amazon sites.  It is -not- available from for KDP reasons that escape me, so my apologies for that!)