Cubase 9.5 Book available

After a lot of work and several revisions, The Complete Guide to Music Technology using Cubase 9.5 is now available from

There’s more information on the product page here, but in short this is an update to bring the book up to date with the latest version of Cubase – 9.5, which may only have been a ‘0.5’ update, but included a number of important changes which needed to be reflected in the text.  In addition, the Synthesizers chapter has been signficantly revised, making use of a new 64-bit native VST Instrument (as the CM-101 is not widely available).

There’s a couple of weeks’ work in producing a new revision of the book, and in addition several proof copies and revisions needed to get the book up to scratch, hence the delay between the release of Cubase 9.5 and the book.  I hope you will enjoy it, and if anyone has updated Cubase, they should find it a good companion – but note that the book is obviously significantly similar with previous versions, as the ‘non-Cubase’ content is largely the same as previous versions.