Lockdown Learning – Free PDF and Video series

The Coronavirus pandemic is effecting everyone and everything, and if you’re locked down (and doing the right thing!), staying at home, then you may want to try your hand at something new so you can come out of this with a positive, amongst all the difficulties we’re all facing at the moment.

To try to help that, I’m putting together a YouTube series of basic lessons on getting started with the FREE 60-day trial of Steinberg’s #StayHome Collection (Cubase, Wavelab and Dorico Elements) that you can download and learn to make music with, plus the 60-day trial of the Absolute 4 VST Collection.

In addition, I’ve released the first chapter of my book (slightly abridged) to act as a textbook of sorts.

The YouTube playlist is here:

Lockdown Learning on YouTube

It’s available for download here:

Lockdown Learning – Cubase Elements