In addition to tuition, I provide a range of services:

Editing – Many artists have an archive of material which they need to produce in different forms (depending on the end product – online, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray), or to arrange in different ways.  I can complete your project to the highest standards, producing duplication-ready media for your project.

Mixing – mixing can be a daunting prospect, and can make or break your project, and fresh ears can make an enormous difference.  I can mix your project from either a Cubase project file, or from stems that you provide, and can either work to a specified brief from you, or can contribute my own ideas to your mix, bringing a new, different angle to your project.

Mastering – taking your final mix to a new level with a variety of processes.  There are online tools which claim to do the same, but many of them take a “one size fits all” approach, and each piece of music is different, and every artist is different.  I’ll provide a number of mixes of each piece, and allow you to pick from them to decide which you prefer.

On-Site Recording – I have recorded a large variety of projects, from solo gigs through theatre performances, from symphony orchestras to avant-garde composition performances lasting over two hours and involving hundreds of performers.  I can provide the recordings in industry-standard formats for your own mixing, or provide a complete package with production and mastering included.

Studio Setup – Studio equipment has never been cheaper, but getting it set up correctly is critical, making as much difference as the equipment itself in terms of sound quality and workflow.  I can help you specify equipment if needs be, and once you have it, help you get the best out of it.

Production – I can provide production and arrangement for your project – whether you’re starting from a two-track demo, or already have a considerable amount of work completed, I can work to your vision, deadlines and budget to take your project to the next level.

Project Assessment – I can provide an assessment of your mix or project, and provide suggestions for you to take forwards with your own production skills.

Studio computer builds – Most studios are based around computers, and if you’re PC-based there are a huge range of options available.  I can work within your budget and vision to provide the best system for your needs, rather than sell you equipment I get the highest commission on.  Hardware and software installation is all taken care of, leaving you to make the music.

All of these services are available on a case-by-case basis, to suit your project, budget and timescale.  Contact me to discuss your project and move forwards.