Drum Machine Samples

I’m often asked about where to get good drum machine samples – for use in shortcircuit, as well as for use in coursework to get sounds similar to those in the videos I’ve uploaded.  There are lots of them available on the ‘net, but a great resource is mahines.hyperreal.org – here, for instance, is the Roland page, which while it may look old fashioned, has a wealth of info and downloadable samples that you can pop into shortcircuit and use straight away!  With a bit of work on the programming, you could have a dynamically playable sample setup (with different velocity zones), fairly quickly.

Whenever you get these samples, try to be organised about where you put them; I have a Samples folder on my audio drive, and under that everything is categorised into folders and subfolders.  Yes, it takes a couple of minutes now and again to do this, but the advantage is that I have access to just about every sample I’ve ever had, and I’ve never lost any (they are backed up!)