Dorico Book – hiccups!

As with any new venture, there are a few teething troubles!  And I’ve been dealing with a couple on the Dorico Book – both to do with Amazon’s marketplace.

Firstly, the book isn’t listed in (i.e. the USA!) – when you search, it doesn’t appear. However, it appears it is available for sale, just click this link:

Secondly, depending on where you are in the EU, you may pay a different price to the sticker price of £13.95.  This is because the book is priced as such in the UK, where books are 0% rated for VAT; This isn’t the case everywhere in the EU, and I’ve had someone ask why the price is different (which he then worked out before I did!), so you may be paying a little more depending on where you are.

Both these issues are outside my control, but I thought I’d mention them here.