Remote Cubase Lessons

While everyone now knows what Zoom is, I can actually say that I was using it long before COVID-19.  I’ve found that remote teaching has been worked well particularly for those who want to improve their Cubase skills.  The ability to have a lesson in your own studio, on your own setup can be a real boon, and with the screen sharing that Zoom offers, I can see everything you’re seeing, as you see it.  You can demonstrate issues you’re having with particular project or plugin and work in whichever way you normally do.

Cubase Remote Zoom Session

It is also possible for me to screen share to demonstrate techniques, and share uncompressed-quality audio via a plugin so you can hear exactly what I’m talking about when I run through a technique, effect or instrument.

Sessions can be recorded to allow you to recap on any areas you may want to.

There is currently some availability in my timetable, so if you want to look into booking a session, now is the time to do it!  A one-off session is £40, and booking a group of 6 or more sessions will net you a 25% price reduction.

If you want to take your Cubase skills to the next level, contact me today.