Why no PDF version?

A question I get reasonably frequently is why there’s no PDF / e-book / mobi / kindle version of the book.  And the answer is a pretty simple one.

I don’t trust any form of copyright protection for any file like this.

I know that there are plenty of publishers who produce books in ebook format, but I’ve looked at this in depth, and while there are positives from ebooks, I know that within an hour of publishing it would be on every torrent/usenet site, freely available, and I think sales would decrease as a result of this.

This is put in context of the production time for the book – it took me around two years of work to create the first edition of the book (with around one year of solid ‘all my free time in the evenings’ work to get it over the line and published), and around 2-3 weeks for each edition to be revised to keep up to date with Cubase.  I don’t make an enormous amount of money from the book sales, but it’s enough to make that work worthwhile.  If sales dried up because of this, then I’d find it difficult to justify putting the time in to keeping it up to date, which I think would be a sad day – aside from the loss of income from it.

In addition, if I did produce an e-book version of it, you wouldn’t actually own it, which is another topic, but worth thinking about.