It’s not often I come across a range of plugins where I get carried away by them, in terms of musicality and creativity – there is a lot we’ve all seen before, and effects can often be either workmanlike, or impossibly complex/crazy.  So I was pleasantly surprised to spend some time with soundtoys’  latest collection of plugins.  This isn’t going to turn into a full review, but if you’re looking for some really inspirational effects with lots of truly musical features and lashings of song-starter presets, then you could do a lot worse.  They gave away the little plate a few months ago as a freebie, and it’s become my go-to reverb for lots of sound design work, and in addition they offered some excellent discounts over the Black Friday and the Christmas period.  Properly cross platform (and iLok protected), every one is excellent.  No, they’re not everyday bread-and butter ‘functional mixing’ effects, they are music creators and inspirers in their own right.  There are lots of plugins available, but it’s hard to think of some which are as all round musical as these.  If you can get the package at the right price (the educational discount is a good one), then I’d recommend them.